Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan

Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum

About the Project

We were commissioned by the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum (DPNF) to undertake a series of engagement exercises in Dartmouth Park. The aim of the engagement was to reach out to the local community and find out their views on the future of Dartmouth Park, with the aim of using those views to inform the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan.

As there had previously been extensive engagement, we agreed that we would focus of gathering the views of local businesses, residents across a range of estates, schools and young people and resident groups who had not previously engaged. Using fun and playful 'pop up' tools we gathered lots of additional insight to influence the neighbourhood plan and it's policies. There is nothing like just asking people what they love about their area and what would help it thrive to get people thinking about positive change in their neighbourhood.


January - May 2016

Our Tools & Approach

We worked with the DPNF to develop a recognisable brand which kept in line with their previous work, and a programme for engagement that would focus on the hard to reach groups.

During the engagement process we held pop ups across a number of streets within the focus area where we met local residents and people that work and go to school in the area. Some of the people we met also recommended other people we could speak to, which resulted in building new networks and discovering new insight throughout the duration of the project.

In order to have on-site presence and to meet groups of residents that had not previously been involved in the project we built a mobile pop up to go to the areas with less reach.

This pop up tool encouraged people to stop, explore and share their views about what they love about Dartmouth Park, and to comment on the existing draft policies.

In order to create an accessible method for collecting and sharing the content from the engagement and design process, we worked with the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum to update their website and keep a record of engagement events.