Imagine Kingsbury

Brent Council

About the Project

We were asked by Brent Council to lead a process of community participation in the northwest London area of Kingsbury. The aim of the work was to engage with local people in order to develop a vision for public realm improvements on Kingsbury Road. The project also involved establishing a ‘Town Team’ consisting of local residents, students, business owners and councillors who will work to shape a 5-15 year agreed vision, as well as draw up a ‘Kingsbury Charter’ outlining design proposals and priorities for the future of Kingsbury Road.


The first community engagement phase of the project runs from May – March 2016

Our Tools & Approach

In order to engage passersby, we created a mobile pop-up table which we set up along Kingsbury Road. This proved to be a successful way of hearing people’s concerns, but also discovering where they feel there are opportunities for change.

Overall we spoke to over 450 local people, attended 28 local events, popped up along Kingsbury Road, held a workshop, a de-clutter audit and a walkabout session. We have gathered over 300 pieces of feedback. The following steps of the project included further feedback collection on priorities for de-cluttering Kingsbury Road, followed by the mobilisation of the Town Team: from the insight collected from the local community, they started focusing on putting together a Kingsbury Charter.