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International Women’s Day 2020

9 March 2020

Catherine Greig

Kate Stewart
Kate is the co-founder of Urban Workbench which is an amazing programme of learning, workshops, co-design and co-build to support people to get involved in grassroots regeneration. I heard Kate speak at an event on High Streets back in 2014 and she was completely inspiring with the amount of projects she juggles and her committed to being in a particular place and supporting it to thrive from the ground up.

Imandeep Kaur
Immy is an all-round powerful social doer and thinker, she throws her hat in the rings and starts getting stuff done plus if twitter serves me correctly she watches Casualty which I’ve been a committed fan of from the start! Following Immy on twitter gives me so much food for thought, makes me reflect on my own practice and whether I am doing enough, pushing enough; OK for a lot of the last year I have been bobbing a baby so trying to give myself a break in terms of being enough but even so I find her incredibly inspiring.

Mizah Rahman
Mizah is the co-founder of Participate in Design, a community-centric design, planning and education practice. Obviously I love this companies ethos, the commitment to getting people involved in design and democratising the design process but I also love how beautiful all the work is, the attention to detail is something that resonates with us and really shows people who get involved in their projects just how much they respect and value their input.

Ruth Ibegbuna
Ruth has an amazing multi hyphen career but it is her latest venture, The Roots Programme, that piqued my interest. It brings together people from all walks of life to spend time together to better understand both our differences and similarities. I love the over overlooked message that rather than trying to shift somebodies perspective from the outset you need to first understand their context. An important life lesson for us all.

Zoë Berman
Zoë is an Architect and founder of Part W Collective which has done and is doing incredible work campaigning for gender parity across the built environment. I loved the alternative list for the RIBA Gold Medal asking people to nominate the women they think should have or should get this prestigious award. On International Women’s Day 2020 Zoë and the Part W crew with be running a Wikapedia-a-thon to start to redress the balance in how we celebrate and amplify the amazing work of female architects.

Alisha Fisher
Alisha does so many things and is co-founder of so many projects but I wanted to give her an individual shout out because she gets so much incredible stuff done and speaks the truth. She is co-founder of Migrants Bureau which explores the range of influences that impact on people’s experience of urban life; they have a really interesting approach that I feel I always learn from. She is also co-founder of Black Females in Architecture who are doing such important work in elevating the visibility of black females in the built environment professions. All this alongside her day job – incredible work!