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Open House Workshop at Here East

27 September 2017


We had an awesome day running a creative workshop at Here East as part of Open House London on September 16th. ‘Build:East’ was an exploration of shape, pattern, and function in the built environment. Set against the backdrop of the Olympic Park, more than 50 participants (young and old) helped us build and decorate our cityscape from the ground up!

We designed shapes and struts that were laser-cut from plywood. These allowed for easy construction and assembly, enabling people to make a variety of structures at different heights and scales.

Participants then had a choice of decorative materials which were compiled in the Here East colour palette, and were asked to design and decorate a space that they would like to see in their city. This is where people’s imaginations ran wild!

Our personal favourites include: The disco/ cinema/ swimming pool complex, The Zebra House (complete with zebra lift because ‘zebras can’t use stairs’), The Zoo with ‘a prison on top for naughty people’, the ice cream shop/ jail, and ‘the statue of liberty/ amazon delivery’ and a (not to scale) model of The Shard.

What would you build in your dream city?