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The Value of Good Design

30 October 2017

Good design is central to our practice, from our engagement materials and spaces of participation to the places we help support. Although some see it as an add-on, we know it’s vital.

We asked one of the brilliant residents we worked with on an estate regeneration scheme to share her experience of design in the project and its engagement hub. She put it better than we ever could:

Getting involved in the design of my neighbourhood has meant I have actually looked at what surrounds me on a daily basis. It is also inspiring to see people’s suggestions taken on board and actioned. 

My view of design has totally changed through being involved: I didn’t see the importance of it before. I used to think that when something had been ‘designed’ it was only done to make it look nice for the sake of looking nice. I now look at how the things around me can be designed to function better as well as look better. It was good to see that things can look good and have a practical purpose.

I’ve never lived in a property with a garden, therefore having the opportunity to grow things in the engagement hub and see them come to fruition (literally) was amazing. My confidence has increased and it has been good to get my children involved in the planting and caring of the garden. I have also had some fantastic ideas on how to make the most of an outdoor space (balcony or garden), up-scaling things I already have or can easily get my hands on.

The importance of good design has always been clear to us at make:good, but it is encouraging and to hear that this is impact is felt by the people we engage and work with.