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Celebrate Our City

7 September 2017

It is probably no secret that we love London here at make:good, even though like any relationship it makes it really hard for you to love it some times and then, just when you feel like you might just call it quits you get a little sign that London loves you back.

For example we love it when the wall has the same fashion sense as you!

We’ve always been fans of a study visit and an opportunity to show people what something new in the neighbourhood might look and feel like is so powerful. We thought in a bid to show our city some love we would share some of our favourite spots that we have taken people to this year and why we, and the communities we work with, want to celebrate them.

Quality play provision is usually top of the list of things people think could be better and good play is always something to celebrate.

Benches can be a divisive topic but having a place to pause and a way to make a day of it at the local park goes down well on our study visits.

It’s those little touches that make someplace feel loved and we are very proud of these bespoke tea crates that celebrate local history.

Quality public spaces that people want to spend time in and means you meet your neighbours which is good for the head and heart.

Communal gardens that feel just that, communal. Where people can sit, play, BBQ and much more; where we can be together but apart.

Places where you can just feel that amount of love, care and attention that has gone into them are always inspiring.

It is interesting that it isn’t always the glam and big stuff that gets the best response it is also the human scale interventions that feel specific to a place that can make a real difference be really inspiring.

We are always looking for great places to take people in London so what other bits of the city would you celebrate and think would be inspiring to share with people?